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Wednesday 9 September 2015

My go to holiday/ uni hairstyle

This post is gonna be super quick, but I thought it was worth mentioning how easy this hairstyle is to go on holiday with. It's the old heatless waves trick, simply plait towel dried damp hair and then leave overnight. Sometimes I like to dry the plaits with my hairdryer, which helps the waves last longer.
The waves are also a cute base for other styles like buns, and will last for a couple of days.
I wore my hair like this a lot on my Norway holiday last year

Of course, I don't just wear this style in the holidays, I wear it quite a lot to uni as it is relatively fuss free in the morning. I think it looks pretty good with dip dyed ends, too :)

That's it ^^ a short and sweet post.
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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