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Thursday 31 March 2016

20-something goals for when I'm a 20 something

Soon I'm going to be 20, so officially a 20 something (!?) 
Although to be honest, almost everyone else here on my course at Osaka is older than me, so I still feel like a baby.  I don't know about you guys, but lately I'm following so many cool, polished, professional bloggers online... the difference between me and them is so huge it's almost laughable.
Still I wanna be a cool grown up one day!
There's a real mix of things, but here are my goals for being 20-something.

Be more organised 

  • Neat handwriting (write slower) 
  • Reliable
  • Answer messages properly
  • Be a little more minimalist and intentional with the things I buy 
  • Clutter free, organised 
  • Stop buying unnecessary things and save money
  • Really sharp routine
  • Waste less time! Check social media at specific times only


  • Wardrobe: try oneesan kei? 
  • Get more vintage pieces
  • Sophisticated and edgy
  • buy more clothes while I'm in Japan

Be healthier

  • Sleep 
  • Cooking every day 
  • Cook healthy stuff
  • Cleans regularly
  • walk/ exercise more


  • Take less classes but study more
  • Spend more time studying!! 
  • Make a Sakubun style  guide!
  • Register for and pass JLPT N2
  • Buy next year's Japanese books
  • Join a club


  • Consume more Japanese content
  • Travel more! Do stuff every weekend again
  • Waste less time- study/ blog on the go

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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