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Wednesday 23 March 2016

Valentine's Day/ White Day in Japan ♡

Valentine's Day in Japan is pretty different to back home in the UK. Of course, it's equally commercialised, but whereas in the UK, both guys and girls give valentines presents, in Japan it's just the girls who give chocolate. Guys reciprocate with presents on White day (March 14th). I pestered my boyfriend to give me some fancy macarons.

There are different types of chocolate: Honmei Choco- which is the one you give to someone you like. Giri Choco or 'obligation chocolate' and Tomo choco- which is chocolate you give to your friends.

Making chocolate was surprisingly easy and fun :) you can get the chocolate mould and supplies from anywhere, even the supermarket or the 100yen store.

This is the chocolate I made:

These were the Macarons~

Did you give anyone chocolate on Valentines Day?
I know Valentines Day is just commercialised rubbish, but sometimes it's fun, too <3
Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo

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