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Wednesday 9 March 2016

SuG hype! I'm going to their 2016 tour!

Baby 2012 Amy's dreams are about to come true... I have booked tickets to go see SuG in Umeda on their 2016 tour! 
To resort to tumblr vocab, I literally can not. I had plans to go to loads of gigs this year, but I've been seriously held back by anxiety and studying. So hopefully, going to SuG will break that cycle and I can fill my second half of living here with the thing that truly made me fall in love with Japan: its rock music and pop culture. 

Also, one of the many CD's I've purchased here that I have yet to blog about is

 SuG's latest single,  "Sick's"

Side note, does anyone else have huge difficulties photographing CDs? I guess it's because I don't have any special lights or all that shebang. Also pictured is the SuG display at Tower Records (did I mention that it's my happy place?).

Anyway, onto the CD itself: It was a single, so only two tracks, it did include the music video and a "making of" feature. I think it was a little under 2000 yen, but I can't remember exactly how much it was because to be honest, it was a case of running in screaming 'take my money'. Both of these songs are a little different from (what I think of as) the stereotypical SuG sound- the "heavy positive rock" typified in songs like "GimmexGimme". 
The title track, Sick's, is really good along with the other track, ゆりかご. Sick's has a really nice orchestral riff in it, with a catchy chorus. The orchestral melody makes the song seem pretty grand-sounding. ゆりごと is quieter and reflective, and has a slower, melancholic feel. 

I also picked up one of SuG's earlier albums,


I couldn't resist the call of and the used CD section, and I picked up Punkitsch, SuG's 2008 mini album, for only 135 yen plus postage. That's less than a pound. Crazy. 
The album makes me really nostalgic for when I first started listening to SuG (it was later than 2008 though) and happy, because as usual, SuG live up to their "heavy positive rock" tag line. There are five tracks on the album: Butterfly boy, which I'd heard before, and four others along with a dvd. Listening to this album makes me really happy, and comparing the two- their most recent release and a much earlier one- you can see how much the band has grown. 

"SuG Day"- SuG's new mini album is out today

Lastly on the SuG hype, their first major label mini album- "Virgin" drops today, March 9th. On social media, the members have called today "SuG day" so I thought it only fitting to publish this today. I am crazy crazy excited, and will be running screaming to Tower Records as soon as I can. The track list is going to include the singles SICK'S and teenAge dream, (both of which I love) and you can listen to the album preview on SuG's official Youtube channel 

All the other tracks sound great too! Looks like a mix of styles, but some of the tracks seem to have a really nostalgic, happy sound to them, which is just what I want from SuG. "In the shadow" seems to have some heavier parts to it as well though, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'll make a post about it when I buy it, ok? :)

I'm aiming to buy set A, which includes a ticket to SuG's handshake meeting, so wish me luck! 

Until then, I'm busy counting down the days until SuG day (which isn't long at all now) and their concert in Umeda.

Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo


  1. Have fun girl! I really need to get back into Japanese music x

    1. Thanks, I'll try! I'm pretty nervous about it tbh. And me too! What are you listening to atm? :D


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