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Thursday 17 March 2016

Hatsumode in Nara: my Japanese New Year

New Year in Japan is the biggest celebration of the year. Usually, Japanese people eat osechi ryouri and visit a shrine, the first shrine visit of the year is called 'Hatsumode' (初詣) Even though my Hatsumode was on the 3rd, and not on New Years' day, it was still super busy in Nara! 

I went with my friend Yuto, his family. my boyfriend and my friend Matt to Kasuga Taisha. Kasuga Taisha is a large shrine near Nara park which is famous for its lanterns- there were so many. Being near Nara Koen, we got to see the Nara deer again, but this time there were so many tourists around that they were full and didn't want to eat the biscuits we bought to feed them with. I also completely failed to get a selfie with the deer, as seen below. It was so so busy- there were huge lines of people and police men doing crowd control. There were even signs written 'Terror warning'- scary! Although there were loads of crowds, everyone was well behaved so it was a pretty painless and interesting experience. After we prayed at the shrine, we did Omikuji, which is like fortune telling, and I got the best luck: "daikichi". So I guess my 2016 should be good then? Then we went up to Wakakusayama and the view of Nara was so amazing!

After that, we got to go to Yuto's family's house and made sushi, played karuta and game that was like pin the tail on the donkey, but with a face. Mine was hilariously terrible, as shown below. 

I had such a great day, thanks Yuto :D 

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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