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Friday 25 March 2016

Trying the Shamisen

Osaka Uni organised a Shamisen teacher come in and give us a talk about the Shamisen, which is a Japanese instrument a little similar to the guitar.
It has three strings (hence the name 三味線)and is played with a large pick. 

The group performed songs for us, and demonstrated a lion dance, as well as teaching us a party game that Geisha play, called Tora Tora (It was a little like rock, paper scissors).

And then some of us got to try and play it! 
I thought I'd have a little bit of an edge, as I've played the guitar for a few years, but to be honest the playing styles were so different it wasn't much of a help. In fact it probably made my playing worse. 

It was so cool to be able to have this chance~
It just goes to show, take all the opportunities you can, right? 
Thanks for reading (^O^)/
-Amy xoxo


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