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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Japanese fashion: Spring trends I'm loving and wishlist

So, it's spring, and that obviously means that I want a whole new wardrobe. I already did a Shoes Wishlist, because shoes. Anyway, after spending far too long poring over Vivi and other Jfashion magazines, here's my take on the spring trends, and things on my wishlist.

1// Sports items

Obviously trainers are huge everywhere right now, and the're pretty big here too. Also lately I've been seeing western 'Sports brands' and their logos pretty much everywhere- SPINNS and WEGO have been stocking a lot of this type of thing in their used section. Look out for brands like Champion, Adidas and Fila. チャンピオン ロゴ 裏毛スウェット
SPINNS has a whole Champion page on their webstore.

2// Tulle skirts

 Both short and long. Although I'm not sure I can pull these off, I'm definitely seeing them in the shops like SPINNS again now it's spring.

3// All Fluffy Errything

Looks like fluffy things are still good (yesss). I'm definitely eyeing up some fluffy sandals, like these beauties from WEGO.
WC|Esther Kimコラボサンダル(ホワイト)

4// High waisted shorts

These ones from WEGO are just too adorable, plus they have the cut out heart shapes I'll mention later.

5//Bucket hats

Bucket hats are still in the shops, but I feel like now I've finally bought mine the trend has peaked already. 
【20%OFF】adidas Originals バケットハット トレフォイル A
Double trend from SPINNS: Sports and bucket hat. 

6// Round glasses

I've already got mine, but these ones are from SPINNS

7// A line Skirts

I'm seeing the ss15 button up a line skirt reappear (good, because I still wanna wear mine), this one's from SPINNS.
【25%OFF】デニムスカート フロントボタン D

8// Denim everything

Denim jackets, shorts, ripped jeans. Although this might just be a permanent fixture. I finally found my dream denim jacket used at SPINNS, though! I'll post a spring haul soon.

9// Wide trousers and Skants

Not sure I could pull these off though, but these ones from GU sure look great!

10//Lace up details 

スワンキス(Swankiss)のDD コルセット風S/K 膝丈スカート
(although I've not seen so many sexy lace up front tops as in the West though) This adorable skirt is from Swankiss

11// Heart motifs and cut outs 

スワンキス(Swankiss)のVR ハートラムネS/K フレアスカート

On tops and skirts like this one from Swankiss

12// Silk Bomber Jackets

Again, this trend might have peaked, but they are still everywhere. 
Even Topshop sold one. Or you could go with a cuter one, like this one from Candy Stripper:

13// Off the shoulder tops

So elegant and summery! 

14// Camisoles 

Camis are usually worn layered with something else too, like this set from WEGO, or they'd be too 

15// Mermaid details

This rolls around every summer, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want these earrings from WEGO.
What do you think of these trends? Are there any you like? 
-Amy xoxo

P.s. None of the pictures in this post are mine, they are from each shop's website. I've put a link to the original source of each picture. 


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