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Friday 4 March 2016


After Fushimi Inari Taisha, we went to Ginkakuji. Not to be confused with Kinkakuji- which we visited the next day- Ginkakuji means "the silver pavillion temple". Unlike Kinkakuji (which true to its' name, is covered in gold leaf) Ginkakuji isn't actually silver. Compared to lavish Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji is meant to be more fitting to the Japanese aesthetic.
We were rushing to get there, but managed to get there just before last entry (4:30). Apparently this was the perfect time to go, as it's meant to be pretty crowded usually. Ginkakuji's garden was really nice and peaceful, and well worth a visit. 

On the way there and back, we walked along the "Philosophers' path" (Testugakunomichi) which was a lovely walk. I'd imagine it is prettier (and waaay more crowded) in Sakura season though.  

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