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Wednesday 16 March 2016

SuG's first major label mini album- "VIRGIN"

Guys, I finally bought it~ Actually, I say finally, I literally went to buy it on the first day it was sold (March 9th). I managed to buy the Limited edition type A, which includes the Akushukai ticket too! It cost 4500 yen, but CDs are expensive here in Japan. Also, SuG are my fave so there's that.
Since I've been listening to basically just this for the last week, I thought I'd finally blog about it.


  1. TeenAge dream
  2. SICK'S
  3. 桜雨
  4. 純・不純異性交遊
  5. 無限styles
  6. In the shadow
  7. Smells like virgin spirit
The first two songs, TeenAge Dream and SICK'S, I'd already heard before, and it's a thumbs up from me. In fact, I wrote about SICK'S in my SuG hype post not so long ago. TeenAge dream is really dreamy though!
桜雨is more reflective, with a slower and quieter feel, which builds up. The melody in it is really nice and relaxing. It follows on really nicely from TeenAge dream.
純・不純異性交遊 is more nostalgic somehow. (I think it might be the bell sounds in it- makes me feel christmassy somehow). Weird christmas feelings aside, I love this song.
無限styles- the piano riff is so great! This song reminds me of baby SuG-especially Five stars- because of the rapping. I also like the shout in the chorus- it's a really uplifting song
this song definitely has style  (get it? Ok, I'll see myself out).
In the shadow is a little heavier, with some shouting and overdriven guitar, but the chorus melody is really nice. It's also really short, at only around 2 minutes. I love this song so I wish it was a teeny bit longer.
Lastly is 'Smells like virgin spirit'. Ok, SuG likes nirvana. The track name alone made me pretty happy. This track itself doesn't sound much like its' namesake, so maybe they just wanted to have a cool song name. Before, I was wondering if it was going to be a cover of smells like teen spirit, but I definitely prefer it this way round. Having said that, a SuG Nirvana cover would be cool too. SuG have actually just released a music video for this song on their youtube channel. The chorus though! Can't wait to be screaming it at them in a couple of weeks time at their concert~~
(No I'm still not over that and I never will be, ahaha)

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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