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Sunday 20 March 2016

Visit to Asuka Mura and Ishibutai Kofun

Osaka Uni have been so generous with trips lately. We went on a study trip to Asuka-Mura in Nara Prefecture.

We had the opportunity to do an activity, and I picked Calligraphy at Tachibana-dera. I didn't take the calligraphy class here, so I wasn't that good, but it was such a cool experience! The Buddhist monks there led us through a prayer, and then we did calligraphy sitting in silence in seiza for an hour or so. Tachibanadera was beautiful, it had loads of flowers painted on the ceiling!

After Tachibanadera, we went to look at the Ishibutai, a famous Kofun (old Japanese grave). You could even walk inside!






Thanks for reading!
Have you ever tried calligraphy? I know some people find it relaxing, but I thought it was kind of stressful...
-Amy xoxo

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