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Saturday 12 March 2016

New in: Screw, GazettE, Maximum the Hormone, 9mm Parrabellum bullet

I have a huge pile of CDs that I've bought here in glorious Japan, so I thought I'd do a quick rundown of a few of them:

Gazette: Dogma

This is really overdue, because I ordered it to the UK ages ago (from my beloved JPU) but I confused the release date... 

In the end, I had to get the English release of a Japanese album shipped to Japan ^^;;

Anyway, on to the contents of the album.
I was beyond excited about this album, but I'd only heard "ominous" before, and I was wondering if I would be disappointed because I was looking forward to it so much. I wasn't disappointed. It's a nice length at 14 tracks, and they are all so great to listen to.

There are some heavier tracks like "rage" which of course I loved, and there are some other ones which show off Ruki's beautiful voice too, such as "grudge" and "Ominous", which has a more mellow, delicate feeling. There is a power chord riff mixed with a lighter melody throughout and no screaming. 

"Incubus" is a track of theirs that I think shows so much "GazettE-ness". 
Gazette usually mix some heavier riffs, screaming and palm muted, overdrive- style guitar with some really soaring vocals and catchy choruses. If you haven't listened to GazettE or Visual Kei before, I'd really recommend them! 

With regards to Dogma, GazettE have still got it, guys.

Screw: psycho monsters

Another recent(ish) purchase has been this Screw album that I got from Zeal Link in Amemura. (Zeal link a.k.a. visual kei fangirl heaven). I really enjoy listening to Screw, but never ordered any albums before because I'm lazy. I'm glad I finally took the plunge! 
This album has possibly my all time favourite screw song on it "FUGLY" along with other ones I really liked: "SPIRAL OF MISTRUST" and "CAVALCADE". Most of the songs were new to me though. And they're so good! 

The album kicks off with an intro track: "insane delusion" which builds up and blends pretty well into the second track "FUGLY". It's such a strong song to start off with, as it's catchy and memorable. Also as it's probably my favourite, and definitely my most listened to screw song, it really started the album off on a high for me.
The next track "spiral of mistrust" has a really strong opening riff and chorus too, so it keeps the momentum going. Out of the songs I hadn't already heard, stand outs are: evil passions, helter skelter and the slower end song "忘れたいつかの日" 
The chorus of "evil passions" actually reminds me of SuG's "LED ghosty", and coming from a huuuuge SuG fan, that's a compliment. 
The album is just a solid offering from screw, and it's a really good listen. 

Maximum the Hormone: Buikikaesu 

I managed to snag an album of another favourite band, Maximum the Hormone, from the used section of If you're an anime fan, you might recognise MtH as their songs "what's up people' and 'zetsubou billy" were used as opening and ending songs in Death Note.
Maximum the hormone are such a fun listen. Lots of their songs are fairly heavy, but they have a really upbeat feel to them. They actually have three vocals, as the guitarist and drummer sing as well as the main vocalist.
Buiikikaesu is chock full of my favourite MtH songs, so listening to it made me really happy!
I'd heard around half of the album before: "zetsubou billy", "buiikikaesu", "chu chu lovely...," "koi no mega lover", "bikini sports ponchin", and  "What's up people". 

The tracks I hadn't heard before were all really great too though, I've been listening to "kuso breaking noh breaking lily" on repeat since the album arrived in the post. It's that special combination of upbeat and screaming that maximum the hormone have done really well in songs like "Koi no mega lover".

Unfortunately, it looks like the band will be on hiatus for the next year while I'm here. One day, I wanna see them.
There's not a weak track on the album, seriously.
Check out their Official Youtube Channel

9mm parabellum bullet: revolutionary

I actually don't know 9mm parabellum bullet too well, but I've been listening to them again lately, especially this song: ハートに火をつけて

and when I saw this album in hard off (used bookstore) for like £7 I bought it kind of on a whim, and it's pretty good! 

Firstly, the album art is so weird and great. It's like modern art, haha. 
This album starts as it means to go on by launching straight into "Lovecall from the world" which is a short and sweet intro song that manages to sound so cheerful, despite there being screaming vocals in part of it. I like the piercing, almost flat sounding vocals. Vocal wise, 9mm parabellum bullet reminds me of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, another band that I really like. 
Also, they have some really nice riffs on the album, such as on "cold edge".

Phew, that post was long ^^, thanks for sticking with me  ♪( ´▽`)
-Amy xoxo


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