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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Famous Sakura at Yoshinoyama

Yoshinoyama sakura
This is pretty much the last of my sakura posts guys! On the day after my birthday, my family left for the UK and I went to Yoshinoyama with my friends Vicky and Caro. Yoshinoyama in Nara prefecture is famous for it's cherry blossom covered mountain sides, and has been a hanami spot for centuries.

How to get there// We caught the train from Abenobashi station, (near Tennoji in Osaka) which took about one and a half hours. There was also a limited express train which was more expensive. 
Sakura Japan

Yoshinoyama view

Cherry blossom lantern
There's a cable car partway up the hill, but we walked up and took the cable car down and I'd honestly recommend walking one way at least, because walking had a better view of the hillside. Plus, if you walk you can justify buying ice cream at the top, am I right?

Yoshinoyama view
The area around the station was really cute and touristy, with lots of souvenirs and nice places to eat. As you get further up the hill, and especially around the cable car station, there are tonnes of places with a really nice view where you can eat! And of course, you need to bring some sake and snacks and have your own hanami too. (My hanami was of course intensely classy)

 hanami view

Although Yoshinoyama is pretty famous, we went on a weekday and it's pretty out of the way, so it was nowhere near as crazy busy as the philosopher's path was. That was almost unmanageable (but it was pretty so I'll forgive it).
Yoshino yama nara


sakura yoshinoyama

Shrine Japan

weeping sakura

Yoshinoyama shrine


Japanese house and Yoshinoyama

Yoshinoyama view

Also, I thought I'd share this beautiful haiku I created over sakura season:
Sakura is nice
I like to sit here under
The sakura tree
I'm a genius, right? ;)
temples and sakura


Cherry blossom Yoshinoyama

Yoshinoyama was so beautiful, and it was a really nice day out, so if y'all get the chance I'd say its definitely worth going for some sakura goodness.
Speaking of Sakura, here are all the rest of my Japan 2016 sakura posts if you've missed any:
Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo

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