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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Going home to the UK: what I'm looking forward to and what I'm not

What I'm looking forward to and what I'm not about going home to the UK
I have less than a month left, and to be honest, I'm panicking about going home. I've booked my flight, but I still have so much I want to dooo! But of course, Britain is my home and I'm super excited for a few things too! Overall, I'm hoping to be able to relax, get ready for uni next year, and hopefully cram some fun trips and stuff in too :)

What I'm excited for:

Seeing people again// like my friends and family
British weather// you may laugh, but summer in Japan is horrible: it's hot and humid and it ruins my hair and my sleep. Also having AC on ruins my skin. Winter in Japan is also fairly cold, with the added bonus of uninsulated buildings and paper thin walls. Also there's less humidity so my hair stays in place.
shopping// there's some shops I've missed, and I've got a pretty hefty UK wishlist going on, but mostly I'm excited for buying cute things and not worrying about how I'll get them home, and shirt sleeves that fit.
Travelling// My family has a lil beach outing in the UK planned, and I'm determined to see more of Europe when I get back.
Leeds// Leeds uni is rad, and although it's not a huge city like Osaka, Leeds is still nice and easy to live in, my dorm has no curfew, and there are buses until like 3am.
British food// (some of it is nice, ok?) Also things like: Having an oven! cheap veggies! I'm so excited to eat healthily again.
Smaller and fewer bugs// Seeing cockroaches, huge wasps and preying mantis (!!!) stresses me the heck out. Just google 'mukade' and you'll understand: Japanese bugs are terrifying.
People understanding what banter is// and knowing who the Arctic Monkeys are.
Having a fresh start// like a 'new school year, new Amy' kind of thing. I hope I can ditch some things like my current- horrendous- sleep schedule.

Things I'm not looking forward to:

How expensive the UK is// eating out is more expensive, Starbucks is more expensive (rip Amy). Trains are more expensive. Rent is more expensive. Plus the pound is down since last year.
Tipping// I always get super flustered over when I should tip, and how much. There's absolutely no tipping in Japan, so I forgot about how awkward tipping is, haha.
Brexit// ew.
Missing Japan// I know I'm gonna turn into that one obnoxious person that won't shut up about their year abroad!
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo


  1. I've heard about how horrifying the bugs are in Japan and I'm kind of glad I'm not going in the summer! Is the spring just as bad for that sort of thing?

    Lizzie Bee //

  2. Spring was a lot better to be honest, so you should be ok! Also I'm pretty out in the countryside here, so if you're in the city you should have less bugs (^O^)/


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