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Sunday 17 July 2016

Meeting Samurai(!) in Hiroshima

Hiroshima castle
Lizzie had seen an advert for a samurai dance group in Hiroshima, so we headed there for a day trip. My family had been to Hiroshima one day already (without me though because I'd been a bit ill) and had visited the peace park and the castle, but this time my parents went to Miyajima and me and Lizzie hung out in Hiroshima! 

First up we went to the castle to try and catch the samurai performance. The group is called the Aki Hiroshima Busho-Tai, and they perform a dance every sunday, and walk round the castle every saturday. They looked amazing, and were really nice! We got to take pictures with them, and even waited in line with some of their fans (apparently some people who live in Hiroshima go and see them a lot) and they signed stuff for us. It reminded me of a Visual Kei band slightly. Unfortunately, it rained a little and we didn't get to see them dance. We did get to speak to them though! They were really committed to their performance- that they were Samurai from 400 years ago come back to life- and they even spoke in Samurai-like Japanese! It was great. If you're in Hiroshima on the weekend, I'd totally recommend going to see them! 

The castle and grounds also looked super pretty in Sakura season.

Hiroshima Castle

Sakura Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima castle sakura

Hiroshima Castle Samurai

Shrine and Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

Hiroshima castle wall


Hiroshima castle sakura

Hiroshima castle

After we went to the castle, we decided to just hang out in town. We got crepes, went to Lush, went stationery shopping, went to the game centre. Just a nice chill day! Hiroshima is a really nice city, it's easy to navigate and get around with the trams, and because it's a pretty large city it's great for shopping too.
Hiroshima crepe
Near the Lush in Hiroshima, there's this super tasty crepe van! (Lush and crepes are a priority tbh)
Momiji manju at Hiroshima
Momiji Manju are a must if you're in Hiroshima~
Taiko drumming arcade game
Also the Taiko drumming game will always be my favourite thing at the game centre.
While we were walking, we stumbled on this park with cute sakura. Sakura really does makes everything more aesthetic tbh.

Hiroshima Sakura

That's it for now~ For more Hiroshima posts, why not check out: Hiroshima travel guide// Floating Torii at Miyajima// Hiroshima castle// Where I stayed in Hiroshima// Iwakuni
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh meeting sumarai sounds amazing! It's a shame that it rained though and that it disrupted their performance ~ but at least you still had a pretty chilled day!

    Lizzie Bee /

    1. They were so committed to acting out their roles, it was so cute! And yeah Hiroshima is a nice city to chill in ^^ Osaka's still the best though :D


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