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Sunday 3 July 2016

Where to buy unnatural hair dye in Japan?

So I'm on my year abroad in Japan, and I have bleached hair and a penchant for trying different colours... At first, I was so worried I wouldn't be able to find hair dye here, I bought some with me in my suitcase!  Luckily, while I've been here, I've found some places where you can get hair dye, even if it is more expensive it's better than nothing, right? I think I'm going to make this a little mini series on having unnatural hair in Japan, and soon I'm gonna post about how people react to pink and blonde hair, and also my favourite Japanese products for looking after damaged hair.

Where to buy hair dye in Japan:

Any Large SPINNS- a few of the larger SPINNS stock Manic Panic- (if you're in the Osaka area, then hit up the Amemura SPINNS and the Super SPINNS in Hep 5)

Village Vanguard stocks tonnes of stuff, including Manic Panic

Nadia Flores en el Corazón- stocks LaRiche Directions for 3000 yen (which is three times the UK price, sob)

Don Quijote (at least the large ones) stock a fair few different hair dye brands: including Ancels Colour butter, Directions (but I couldn't find pink when I wanted to) and Manic Panic

And of course, there's always They stock Manic Panic, which was around 2100 yen per tub, Directions for about 3000 yen. (Let's not even go there for crazy colour, ok, it was like 5-7000 yen) and Ancels colour butter for around 2100 yen (I haven't tried it, but Kumamiki uses it so it can't be too bad, right?)

This was short and sweet, but I hope it helped! Check out some more of my hair dye posts:
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-Amy xoxo

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