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Saturday 2 July 2016

Kyoto imperial palace park

Kyoto Sakura
After we went to Toji, we headed over to the Imperial Palace park to see the sakura there. You can't go into the main palace, and although you can go into the Sento Palace (which is like the secondary palace complex. you need to book a tour beforehand to go in I think), we decided to just chill- have a picnic, have a walk around, it was great :3 The park itself is really huge, with the palace in the centre- although you can't see inside, the walls themselves are pretty impressive. There were a fair few cute girls in kimono, and many more people taking selfies with the sakura (you just gotta do it guys), but because the park itself was big, it didn't feel crazily crowded. There are huge wooded areas in the park too, and sakura trees, and plum trees... it's just a really nice park tbh.

Kyoto imperial palace wall

Kyoto imperial palace

Imperial palace sakura

Kyoto Sakura

sakura selfies


Kyoto imperial palace park

Sakura Kyoto

plum blossom

Scattered cherry blossom

Thanks for reading! The next place we went was Fushimi Inari Taisha again, this time at night, which was awesome! Stay tuned for a post on that~
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-Amy xoxo

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