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Thursday 7 July 2016

How to post more regularly on your blog

How to post more regularly on your blog
So I have a busy uni schedule: I'm studying Japanese, and this year I have about 16 hours in class a week, plus I have to study at home too. I'm only writing CandyflossOverkill as a hobby, but I'm trying to post daily (or at least regularly). One thing I've definitely noticed is that when I can and can't post depends less on how busy I am (example, throughout my latest trip to Tokyo, I still managed to post daily) but rather on how tight my organisation is. So, here are a couple of tips:

how to post more regularly:

1// Make a schedule
Work out how often you want to post. Make it realistic, and think about how much time you honestly spend on each post.

2// Publicly commit to it
Let your readers know, in an obvious place, like your About Page. Not only do they know when to expect new content from you, the fact that they know can motivate you to post more so you're not letting people down.

3// Batch write and schedule posts
Scheduling posts is your best friend when you know you're going to be busy. It's also been great for me this year, as I'm in Japan, and in the wrong time zone for a lot of my readership. If you schedule your posts every day, you can target it to when your readers are online and more likely to read it.

4// Even if you don't have a set writing time, because sometimes creativity is hard to schedule, it could definitely be useful to batch edit posts. Checking for grammar and spelling mistakes/ typos and adding in links can all be done in batch. I also think it's helpful to not publish posts immediately after you've written them, coming back with fresh eyes makes mistakes easier to spot.

5// Schedule promotion and your social media posts too.  Social media is something I seriously need to up my game on, but there are a tonne of social media scheduling tools out there now, like Buffer and Hootsuite.

6// Have a few days' worth of 'buffer posts' written up and ready to go for when you're busy. These would ideally be fully written and ready to go, but they could also just be some good fallback ideas that you can quickly write up.

7// Start some ongoing blog post series: like OOTDs, or a weekly tips, or a favourites series. This makes it easier to come up with lots of content.

8// Take photos in batch Taking good photos can be super time consuming, so why not take a whole bunch when you've got all your set up ready.

9// Make an editorial calender for your blog. Write down what you're posting and when so you can see what mix of content you have coming up. (I like to colour code mine because rainbows).

10// Maximise your time this is so cliché, but things like using your commute to brainstorm ideas or draft posts is a cliché for a reason.

11// Make sure you have stuff happening in real life too: this is the easiest way to make sure you always have ideas for new content.

12// Make sure the quality of your content doesn't suffer from posting too much.
Sometimes it's better to produce a few good quality posts rather than a tonne of short, half baked ones.

13// Keep it fun!
Isn't the reason we all started blogging in the first place because it was fun?

14// Avoid blogger burnout: posting a lot can mean that you run out of ideas and suffer from blogger burnout. Brainstorm topics, read a lot, go to exciting places and expand/ update your old posts and themes.

15// Take some time to create some pillar posts rounding up your old posts and make sure your archives are easily navigable. If you're posting a lot of content, it would be easy for readers to miss out on some of your posts.

16// You'll only be on top of blogging and be able to post more often if you've got some kind of organisational system for other things in your life too. Get some kind of planner calendar situation going.

17// Remember: It's ok to take breaks too, and no one is perfect. Although it is nice, there is no real need to have a full blown perfect post every day. In fact, it might be good to post less and focus more on promoting your stuff. Anyway, don;t pressure yourself too much, enjoy blogging and it should come easier.

Thanks for reading! Do you guys have any tips on how to post more often, or how to balance blogging and everything else? I'd love to know (^O^)/
-Amy xoxo

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