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Friday 29 July 2016

14 things to do before a holiday: My pre-travel checklist

pre travel checklist

This year I've been travelling a lot, and I've got a bit of a routine sorted before and after I head off anywhere. (If you fancy checking out where I've been lately, make sure to check the Japan tag~).
So this is what I do on the day before travelling:

1// Plan your outfits and pack

Planning which outfits you'll wear will save you taking up space by bringing unnecessary items. I have  a weekend away packing list which I always check to make sure I don't forget anything like toothpaste or underwear.

2// Make a vague itinerary

You don't have to plan every second of every day, and it's good to be spontaneous, but it's good to have at least a couple of ideas on where you want to go. If there's something you must do, check if you need to make a reservation beforehand.

3// Eat a good meal

While you're at it, why not make 2 portions and freeze one for when you go home.

4// Make sure you know your route and have a back up plan

Check for railworks and know what time you need to wake up, etc.

5// Check you have all your important documents

Passport, insurance, plane tickets, travellers cheques

6//Charge everything like cameras and phones

Camera batteries especially take hours, so don't leave it until the last minute.

7//Don't leave all the prep really late

8//Have a little pamper sesh

Some hair removal, a face mask, nail paint and hair dye can make you feel super ready for a holiday. 

9//Get an early night

 I'm horrendously bad at this at the moment, but it's seriously a lifesaver. Travelling can sometimes be stressful, and if you have an early start you wanna be as well rested as possible.

10//Give your space a little clean

At the least take the bins out if you're away for more than a night. This is the best present you can give yourself- when you're tired after travelling, coming home to a clean room is sooo relaxing.

11//Make a checklist for when you come back

Things like finishing off homework, library books to return, anything

12//Put on a load of laundry

So you're not coming home to a tonne of dirty clothes on top of a suitcase full of worn clothes.

13// Write a (preferably short) to-do list for the next morning

Mine always reads "chargers, bin, pack toothbrush"

14//Make sure everything is switched off and locked up

Thanks for reading, If you're travelling soon, I hope it's ace!
I'm going to post a post-travel checklist tomorrow, so look out for that~
-Amy xoxo

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