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Thursday 21 July 2016

What I'll miss (and what I won't) about Japan

What I'll miss and not miss about Japan
So, the day I'm flying home is getting ever closer, and after my post on what I'm excited for and what I'm not looking forward to about going home to the UK, I thought I'd write the other side to that post today: What I'm going to miss and what I won't miss about Glorious Nihon.

What I'm gonna miss:

Japanese written everywhere// It helped me learn a lot of Kanji, and signs and adverts plastered all over the train (and just everywhere) really makes me think of 'Japan'.
Japanese architecture// Japanese architecture is super distinctive, like a mix of eighties grey bland square blocks, super colourful things like adverts and shop signs (it's an unwritten rule that each shop must have at least 3 signs I swear) and also super cool and almost retro-futuristic (from my point of view) things like the monorail!
Jfashion and magazines// Oh boy, did I get addicted to SPINNS, WEGO, Harajuku and Vivi this year... Good thing I got a scholarship.
Japanese pop culture as a whole// the music, the slightly cheesy adverts, anime, and kawaii things everywhere!
City atmosphere// Osaka is a huge city with two and a half million people, and the city vibe is awesome! Although Tokyo is super cool too, Osaka has a little more of a slightly retro and battered feeling which I really like. Also it's a great city to hang out in!
Osaka food// Japanese food in general is great, but Okonomiyaki is forever number one in my heart. Osaka's called 'the kitchen of Japan' for a reason, you know.
Japan's tourist spots// from the super obvious ones like Fushimi Inari Taisha to more out of the way places like Katsuoji, Japan has so many gorgeous shrines, temples, castles and such nice nature too. Plus, because there are loads of mountains, there's no shortage of gorgeous views either.

Little thing's I'll miss

Shop staff saying irasshaimase and being actually polite.
Family Mart's jingle
Erasable pens
train crossing noises
Monorail :o
The fact that there's a mascot for absolutely everything (and half the time it's hilariously terrifying)
The pedestrian crossing noise
Umbrella stands outside shops

What I won't miss so much:

Being stared at// being white in Japan so obviously marks you out as a foreigner, and depending on the place, you do get stared at and/or commented on. It's nothing tooo bad, and I can deal with it, but it will be nice not to have that every time I go to the supermarket.
BUGS// Japanese bugs are the worst
long classes// some of my classes have got a little patronising at times too (most are fab though)
expensive fruit vegetables// It's really hard to eat actually healthy here, because fruit and veg are so expensive.
form filling in// I had four separate questionnaires to fill in in one class today. Four.
Japanese Summer// I moaned about this yesterday too, but Japanese summer is hot, humid and annoying. Plus, more bugs come out in the summer.
My long train journey into town// Osaka Uni's Minoh Campus is so far away from the centre of Osaka.

Aagh I'm gonna miss Japan so much! I'll be planning my next trip as soon as I get home!

Thanks for reading!
Yesterday's post on what I'm looking forward to (and what I'm not) about going home to the UK.
 -Amy xoxo


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