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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Ginkakuji- the silver temple that's not actually silver but is still pretty aesthetically pleasing

Ginkakuji Kyoto
So we went to Ginkakuji in peak Sakura season, so it was pretty busy... but we were in the area anyway, seeing the famous cherry blossoms on the philosophers path. So, I thought I'd show my family Ginkakuji to complete the set. Ginkakuji's garden is really lovely, and when there aren't many people there it's lovely, but it's one of the busiest places in Kyoto, so it was pretty intense. 

You can get the bus to Ginkakuji, but if you can, I'd say get the subway part of the way and walk the rest- we couldn't get a seat on the bus as usual, it was as crowded as a sardine can, and due to the Kyoto traffic, it took one and a half hours instead of the 45 minutes predicted. I really dislike Kyoto buses. Avoid if possible kids. Walking is usually faster. Anyway, enough about Kyoto buses, and more onto Ginkakuji~

It was so crowded, and it made me pretty nervous to be honest. We arrived in the evening and there was a big queue for Ginkakuji, and I was worried we wouldn't be able to get in, but we managed. Relief. It was crowded af, but I still managed to get a few nice pictures in.

P.s. if a Japanese aesthetics snob asks you if you prefer Kinkakuji or Ginkakuji, you're supposed to say Ginkakuji ;)



Ginkakuji Kyoto


bamboo Ginkakuji

Kyoto view

Ginkakuji garden


Ginkakuji Kyoto

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-Amy xoxo


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