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Saturday 9 July 2016

Mini Japanese and Korean Beauty haul

Asian beauty is often talked about as -the best thing ever- but the only thing I've ever tried before is a BB cream that was too dark for me (rip). So while I was in Japan and could buy stuff from an actual physical store, I thought I'd pick up a couple of bits. This year has been such a struggle between wanting to buy everything I see, and trying to remember that I have to ship it all home halfway round the world if I want to take it back to the UK... the struggle is real.
Safe to say, all the products I've tried have been great so far!

First up: Tonymoly 

I may or may not have soley gone for this brand for the packaging which is too adorable to be true, but the products have been a hit with me! 

The Gloss bar is pigmented, and the perfect pink that I've been on the lookout for aaages. Like 'my lips but better' kind of pink shade. I actually dislike proper lipgloss, so I'm happy to say that this isn't sticky or shiny. It feels more like a coloured lip balm than a gloss to be honest.

Tony Moly gloss bar
Next is the handcream, which again, I picked soley on the merits of it's packaging.So far I haven't experienced any irritation on my sensitive skin either, although it is pretty strongly fragranced so be careful if you have really sensitive skin. It's a nice hand cream, it sinks in pretty well and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your hands. It's not as strong as the intense handcream I usually use (which I think has been discontinued, help!) but it is lovely for summer. It has an apple scent, but more like apple flavoured sweets than actual apple. Seriously though, even though it's not in a tube, that cute packaging sold it for me- isn't it adorable?

The last item I picked up is a white sparkly eyeliner from Majolica Majorca which I think is a Japanese brand, but I think it's sold in Korea as well. This is a really nice colour, and opens up my eyes really nicely when I put it on my waterline. Several people have commented on my eye makeup with this (plus a Kate mini palette that I'll talk about in another post). I was using a Kate white sparkly eyeliner for my waterline, which also works really well, and is about half the price..., but I really hate the packaging of the Kate one. Again, I'll talk about it in a later post, but let's just say for the hassle free packaging alone, I'm going to stick to the Majolica Majorca one for now. 
Majolica Majorca white eyeliner
That's it for now ^^ did you enjoy this post? I'm no beauty blogger, but I think it's sometimes interesting to read these kind of posts from non 'experts' too. I'm definitely going to pick up some bits from Etude house before I go home, along with as many of those TonyMoly lip colours as I can lay my hands on ;)

Do you guys like Korean or Japanese makeup? Any recommendations that I should try and pick up before I go home?

-Amy xoxo

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